Trout Fishing Competition

Tauwhāinga hī taraute

2024 Trout Fishing Competition

2nd September - 5th September 2024

Limited to 100 participants and entries close 2nd September 2024.


Monday 2nd September 2024:

Tuesday 3rd September 2024: Competition

Wednesday 4th September 2024: Competition

Thursday 5th September 2024: Competition and Prize-giving



Tūrangi Fire Station, 16 Ohuanga Road, Tūrangi 3334

Fishing Area:

Anywhere in the Lake Taupō Area as detailed and as explained on the front of the Taupō District Licence as issued by the Department of Conservation for that year.

Trophy and Prize List


Daily prizes:

Trout Fishing Competition Rules 2024.pdf
CCD for Fishers-24Aug23.pdf


Stop the spread of invasive weeds and pests

The Check Clean Dry basics

Remove any plant or soil matter from your watercraft and trailer.

Use a 10% detergent or 2% bleach and water mix to clean gear that is wet or moist. Spray or soak any wet clothing or footwear. Leave the mix on for 10 minutes. This will kill algae.

Dry any gear that has been immersed to make sure none of these moisture-loving weeds and pests can survive. Dry to touch and then for another 48 hours.

Your Check Clean Dry toolkit

Have a good-sized spray bottle handy filled with 10% dishwashing detergent or 2% bleach in water.

About the threat



Lake snow-Lindavia




Image credit: Catfish: Bruno David, Waikato Regional Council. All other images: NIWA.

Help stop invasive weeds and pests from spoiling New Zealand's lakes, rivers and wetlands. 

There are no locked gates protecting these precious places. Do your bit to stop the spread.

Here are the simple things you can do that make a difference...

Your outboard/sternleg

Your jetski

Your jetboat

Carpet on trailers stays moist longer and should be treated with your cleaning mix.

For all trailers

For all hulls

Make sure the outside of the hull is clean and dry before entering another waterway.

No need to flush the engine

Water heating means you do not generally need to flush out the engine between waterways.

Water in the motor of a jetski, jetboat or outboard reaches 60 degrees plus and that is hot enough to kill any unwanted pest organism.

Research by NIWA shows this includes killing the worst two invasive freshwater algae in New Zealand, didymo (Didymosphenia geminate) and Lindavia (Lindavia intermedia which causes Lake snow).