Home Fire Safety Visits

Ngā Toronga Haumaru Ahi Kāinga

We offer free Home Fire Safety Visits to help our Tūrangi community stay safe from fire.

During these visits, we provide information on fire safety, install and test smoke alarms, and provide free smoke alarms to those eligible. 

Where should I put smoke alarms?

Fire and Emergency New Zealand recommends installing long-life photoelectric smoke alarms in every bedroom, hallway and living area. 

You may also choose to install a heat alarm in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom or garage.

Important things to consider

"When you're asleep, you can't smell smoke. Working smoke alarms are your only voice."

Tommi Joyce

Volunteer Firefighter

We're committed to helping our community stay safe from fire. 

If you would like to sign up for a free Home Fire Safety Visit, please fill out the form below.