Home Fire Safety Visits

Ngā Toronga Haumaru Ahi Kāinga

Fire prevention is one of our key strategies in protecting our community from fire. We are passionate about educating our community on all aspects of fire safety, and we are committed to getting out into the Tūrangi community to make sure people are prepared.

A large percentage of fatal house fires that occur each year in New Zealand are found to have no smoke alarms, or smoke alarms which are either not working or not correctly installed.

At the very minimum, a home should have one working smoke alarm installed in the hallway near the bedrooms. Smoke alarms should be tested frequently to ensure they are working. Learn more about smoke alarms and their placement.

We provide free Home Fire Safety Visits within the Tūrangi community. During these visits, we will check your smoke alarms, install new smoke alarms if necessary, and provide fire safety advice.

We are committed to helping our community stay safe from fire. If you would like to sign up for a free Home Fire Safety Visit, please fill out the form below.